Huntsville, Alabama
June 1, 1862

Mrs. Hebron,

I received your letter in relation to your son’s condition. In reply, I would say that although John has lost his speech to some degree, I am glad to say that his health otherwise is good. It’s perfectly natural for a mother to be uneasy about a son who she has heard was sick and lost his speech. They often thin it is worse than it is. Rest perfectly easy. John’s health was never better. He is in fine spirits and told me this day that he did not want either furlough or discharge and in fact, if he wanted a discharge on account of ill health, our surgeon would not give it hoping that our army will continue to be victorious and that we will once more restore peace to our distracted though loved country.

I am yours most respectfully, — Capt. J[ames] F. Surratt