Camp Jefferson
Hart county, Kentucky
January 7, 1862

Dear Friends,

I write these few lines in answer to your letter and was glad to hear from you [that] you [were] all well and [this] leaves me the same. I would have answered your letter yesterday but I was on guard. I received the letter from my cousin. I have sent them a box by the Adams Express with my clothes in it. If they have not got it, I wish you would be so kind as to tell them to look out for it.

We received your boxes on Friday. They was two big boxes. I tell you, it was a nice treat for us all. It was delivered out to each mess without any grumbling at all. It lasted each mess a couple of days. The boys all sends their thanks to you and the ladies of Steubenville. I come in good time. We was all just a wishing for something to come. You will be remembered for your kindness towards this company.

We are still camping at Bacon Creek yet but we are expecting to move every day. They have got the big bridge fixed today. We might have to move tomorrow. There was 5,000 of our troops went over yesterday. We have heard from General Nichols. They are going to be in front of the battles. All the cry is with all the regiments around us. 2nd Ohio in front. Our regiment seems to take it pretty cool. I have no doubt but you will hear of some pretty tall fighting in 2 or 3 days more. They are pretty strict with us now. They are drilling us 3 or 4 times a day and put us on extra duty if we miss a roll call. I am as hearty as a buck and ready to meet Old Buckner when called on.

I just keep our tent amused with something all the time. I am either talking or gassing with some of the boys or telling some kind of a tale or singing. I can just keep the boys a laughing all the time. There is no use of a soldier being down-hearted. I am just full of fun and ready to march at any hour.

There is 6 or 7 of the sick boys come from Louisville this last week. We have got a pretty big company now. There is only 3 or 4 of our boys sick now. I am getting along as well as I would wish to. Your son, John, has been sick this 2 or 3 days. He said he had the bellyache. I wanted him to take some pills and work himself. He feels a good deal better today.

I have not got anything more to tell you this time but if there is anything fresh, I will let you know it. I send you my thanks and Mrs. Boyers for your kindness to our company. So no more this time. From your well-wisher, — John Hardacre, Co. G, 2nd OV, USA, Bacon Creek, Hart county, Kentucky